As an independent advisor to the interior design industry, I work with interior design firms to manage and refine the components of a healthy business: Some firms come to me for staff recruitment and human resources to find an employee with specific design or accounting skills, or to review employment policies. Other interior design firms seek my help with marketing and licensing to grow their businesses through brand development and licensing. Other clients want a handle on finance, enhancing profitability with improved contracts, accounting, and management reporting. Still other interior design firms contact me to review their information technology infrastructure to ensure that it’s most efficient, cost effective and supportive of their employees’ work. Finally, some interior design firms want to improve the overall administration of their offices so that profitability is protected through clear policies and procedures. The most important benefit of all this is not just about making a lot more money. The interior design team is also able to focus on what designers prefer to do and do best: design.

Consulting and Recruiting for the Interior Design Industry
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